Rise Standard is the minimum responsibility of business’s, business owners and employees who allign themselves with the following requirements:


  1. All work that has been agreed upon by all necessary participants is to comply with the most up to date version of building code for the area of work.
  2. All trades and sub trades involved are to carry a minimum of 2 million liability insurance.
  3. All laboured work will come with a minimum of one year warrenty that covers any defects of the finished product that is directly a result of poor installation or finishing. This excludes all products and materials that offer their own warrenty.
  4. The work involved is to have the most minimal affect possible to the homeowners and/or tenents living in or around the work area, while also protecting areas not involved with the work that does not prolong the work more than necessary.
  5. The project manager is to have ongoing and clear communication between all trades/sub trades and the homeowner or business owner throughout the duration of the project.