Rise Renovations is proud to serve West Ottawa and the Valley by offering full interior commercial and residential renovation and restoration services.


Our kitchen renovations include on-site consultation, dust prevention methods during demolition and construction, owner availability throughout the project for any questions or concerns, and of course our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. We understand that renovations can be stressful, so along with containing dust as much as possible and daily cleaning, we make sure that all basic amenities are available throughout the process. If there is, however, a time where any of this is not possible, we will make sure to let the homeowner know ahead of time and help make other arrangements.


Bathrooms are often the most difficult places in the home to renovate.  They come with certain challenges, especially if there is only one bathroom in the house.  We ensure that there will be at least one working toilet at your home during renovations, and will bring temporary facilities if need be.

Another challenge is that, more often than not, bathrooms are located well into the house away from entry doors. Whether this is the case or not, temporary or semi temporary floor protection is used from entry to the project location.

Bathrooms are often places of very high moisture. There are a variety of materials that we use to help ensure a watertight and moisture resistant room. Some of these include; uncoupling membrane under floor tile, cement backer board behind wall tile, water resistant drywall and mold/mildew resistant paint.


Finishing your basement not only increases your property value, but potentially doubles the living space in your home. This is a great place for relaxing, entertaining or just having a separate place for kids to play. From open concept to adding rooms, we offer layout and design consultation to help make the best use of the area. Before beginning the project, an on site inspection will be made and advice given on the best way to protect your project from future water damage. We also offer innovative ways to finish your basement that result in minimal damage if minor flooding were to occur.

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